About Us

“The beguiling Ladakh is not less than a paradise.”-Anonymous

In true words, Ladakh is an astounding place that never fails to lure tourists. A combination of alphabets is ‘worthless’ when it comes to describing the beauteous land of Ladakh. Attracting globetrotters from the various directions, this place is simply intriguing. If this spellbinding destination seduces you, do tell us about it. We will be glad to fix an unforgettable date for you and Ladakh.

The Ladakh Tourister is a renowned name in the realm of tourism. Our journey began in the year 2011 in Leh-Ladakh. The parent company of The Ladakh Tourister is Ms. Kunzang Enterprises Group, a noteworthy name in the sphere of tourism. It is well-known for making the domestic as well as international airline bookings in Leh-Ladakh. At present, it has the tie-ups with more than 80 corporate houses in Leh, Jammu, Chandigarh, New Delhi, and Mumbai.

When our expedition commenced we weren’t a prominent name but, due to the proficiency shown by our dynamic workforce, we have emanated as a laudable name in the tourism sphere.

A family of the zealous travel aficionados,The Ladakh Tourister provides the remarkable and affordable services of the tour operator. We are specialists in organizing the trekking tour, wildlife and safari tour, and photography tour around the astounding region of Ladakh. Our unsurpassable services will not drill holes in your pocket.

All in all, no other travel agent can provide the services we offer and tailor them according to the need of travelers. Whatever are your requirements, just shoot an email at us and we will surely get back to you immediately.

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