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Our Team

We are the Team of Different Region of Ladakh with Different Qualities. (Sham-Stod-Nubra) Kunzang Dorjey I am from Teri village which is situated at Rong. I worked as a Guide of Monastery and Guide of route for several years from different travel agents of Ladakh till my graduation. After my graduation I chose tourism line as a career where I came to know the potential of Tourism Industry. I am a boy who loves travelling to discover the world and to take photographs of nature. Ladakh, with its spectacular natural beauty, the place is a visual treat for both your eyes and your digital cameras. Nestled at an altitude of 3,500 meters above the sea level, between the Kunlun Mountain Range in the north and the main Great Himalayas to the south, is a small, yet bustling town of Ladakh. Its fact that tourism plays an important role to the economy of Ladakh, it has power to generate employment to many educated and uneducated youth as well. Ladakh is a land of different Culture and tradition where there is good scope for the people to generate income. Being a Ladakhi youth I want to take my cultures to top of the world. Preserve culture, Prevent Tradition. The adventure to the Ladakh will be totally mesmerising for you. STANZIN WANGAIL (Agu) Stanzin Wangail is from Kaya Village into Hemis National Park, about 75 Kms from Leh city. He is trekking and wildlife guide since 6 years, he loves nature and his hobby is photography. Every client of ours love his sincere and dedication works. SONAM DORJEY (Uri) Sonam Dorjey (Uri) is from Garkon village which is in Aryan Valley Its a very beautiful place, have own language and culture which is totally different from Leh. His work is to maintain offices documents and to handle clients at Leh Airport departure. MR YOUNTAN Mr Yountan is also from Garkon village He did his M.A. from Jammu University and now he is our route and monastery Guide from the long time. His smile make tour beautiful Ms CHUSKIT Ms Chuskit is our ticketing executive, Her work is to maintain offices documents, Booking Air Ticket, to do permit for clients at Ladakh  Explore with The Ladakh Tourister and experience the difference.